Thinking of Running for Office?

Are you ready to make your community a better place?

Vote Row A on November 2nd

Why Vote for Row A

  • Provide checks and balances to prevent further scandals
  • Reduce crime in your town
  • Accelerate Economic Development to freeze tax increases
  • Provide additional programs for our seniors
  • Fully fund our schools
  • Reduce Class Sizes
Kaitlynn Styles, Town Council District 2

Kaitlynn Styles is a spunky 20 year old Democrat from Wolcott who is stepping in the ring as a candidate for the first time. She has been actively involved in local and state politics for the past four years, and dedicates herself to her political interests. Kate is a History major at the University of Connecticut, with minors in Political Science and American Studies. Modern American history, politics, political movements, and security are her areas of high interest, but her true passion lies in education. Kaitlynn was admitted into the Neag School of Education just over 6 months ago, and is loving every second of the process to become a teacher. She is dedicated to equity in education, both in and outside of the classroom. For Kate, democracy begins in the classroom, through the nurturing and support of our future leaders. Education is so important to Kate that she has made it one of the centers of her campaign. Along with educational access, equity and inclusion are incredibly important to Kate. The liberties of all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, age, class, or political affiliation has been tossed to the wayside for far too long, and she feels it is time a candidate made equity a top priority. Finally, and a major aspect of equity, is access to voting, and the ability to vote. Kate has often said, “If I can get even one person to vote for the first time, or inspire even one 18-year-old to register to vote, I will have run a successful campaign”. For Kate, this November is not about a victory lap, but about showing youth the amazing things they can do

Matthew Napp, Town Council District 2

I would like to take this opportunity to explain who I am and the reason I chose to run for Town Council. 

My name is Matthew Napp I have been a Wolcott resident since 2012. Even though I did not grow up in this town, I know this town well. My family have been long time residents of the area living in Waterbury, Cheshire and several members in Wolcott for a time. I grew up playing football in Watertown, so through sports I often visited the town. I am even a graduate of the Wolcott Fire School, as I was a volunteer with the Watertown Fire Department for several years. 

The old adage is “Home is where the heart is.” I chose to live here due to the small town pride, the close community and the schools. As my children have gotten older and moved through the school system, I have gotten to know it even better

I am running for town council with a focus on education because that is where the final decision is made when it comes to budget and financial concerns. I have been an educator for 17 years in Norwich. There I have witnessed what can happen when a school budget is constantly slashed. This experience provides me with the correct lens to evaluate decisions related to education, our schools and what will benefit our children the most.

My second main reason is the safety and well being of all of our residents. I see the wave of car break ins, thefts and robberies in town and I am concerned like every resident. I know our police force is dedicated and hardworking but they need more support. I have actually witnessed their dedication first hand when my house was broken into and the police and community worked together to find the individuals responsible. I want to do all I can to make our town as safe as possible and support all of our first responders, having been one myself. 

I see ideas to grow as well. I have ideas that see the town investing in our youth programs and sports, our town services for all ages, and investing in small businesses to help them grow. 

I am willing to work with anyone without prejudice or assumptions of what they stand for. We all want what is best for the town and it is only through hard work and conversation can we move forward. I am for all residents, despite which side you see yourself on. I am willing to talk and discuss any concerns, we may not always agree but I can learn to understand your concerns. I want everyone to have a voice. I am running in district 2, but I will work for the entire town. 

Michael Macary, Town Council District 1

My name is Michael Macary and I am running for the Wolcott Town Council in District 1. I am a new homeowner in Wolcott. I grew up in Waterbury’s East End attending local public schools. I attend Our Lady of Lebanon Church and have volunteered there my whole life. I graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Computer Science & Engineering. Now, I work Pratt & Whitney where I also volunteer to coordinate our STEM outreach programs. Locally, I work with Wolcott Robotics Program to help with funding and mentoring.

I believe I bring a practical perspective to town government. I think it is important to all Wolcott residents that government aid in raising quality of life – I would like to help increase government responsiveness and efficiency. I support efforts to promote economic development to alleviate residents tax burden – keeping in mind we need to invest in our children to strengthen our school system as well as attract the best and brightest to teach here. I support public safety efforts to protect our neighborhoods encouraging good citizenship and bringing consequences to those who cause harm. One cannot fly a plane from the left or right wing, keeping things centered and balanced is one of the ways we can progress forward and hit new heights. Thank you for your consideration on November 2, 2021. Vote Row A 

Local Issues

-Seek alternative revenue sources rather than just user and tax increases, year after year.
-Provide a checks and balances system to ensure tax payer dollars are spent wisely.
-Protect our schools to provide superior educational services.
-Provide a healthy and safe environment for our elderly.
-Stop local tax increases which have been increasing each year for the last seven consecutive budgets under one party local rule.
-Increase economic development to enhance our retail and industrial tax base and provide some relief for Wolcott homeowners.
-Always remember the needs of our veterans who deserve the best in services available.
-Tool our public safety units which the man power and equipment necessary to maintain the safe neighborhoods we enjoy


Paid for by the Wolcott Democrat Town Committee, Approved by Robert Ficeto, Treasurer.

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